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Caribbean Connection
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Maxine Schur

Caribbean Connection
My love affair with the Caribbean began with my introduction to Haiti's extraordinary art. Curious to know what art from the other Caribbean islands looked like, I traveled the region on a personal voyage of discovery. The result is Enchanted Islands: Voices and Visions of the Caribbean, a gift journal that showcases 25 contemporary Caribbean artists and is laced with exquisite snippets of island poetry and prose. As contributor to the magazine Caribbean Travel & Life, I traveled the azure Caribbean to report on the region's vibrant cultural treasures.

Dionisio Blanco: The Dominican Republic
Candido Bido: Dominican Republic
Sharon Wilson: Bermuda
Dennis Valentine, Jamaica
Don Dahlke: St. Thomas
Maria Henle: St. Croix
Amos Ferguson: The Bahamas
Paradise on Earth: Haiti
Cristina Emmanuel: Puerto Rico
Omeilia Marshall of Red Bays, Andros, The Bahamas
Giving the Devil His Due: Carnival in The Dominican Republic
Euphoria in Eleuthera: The Bahamas

Caribbean Connection

Enchanted Island



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